Edge 103 is here, again with no big new features

Microsoft Edge

What is with recent Edge versions lacking notable new features? Microsoft has made Edge 103 available in the Stable channel, and this latest release of the web browser follows in the footsteps of its predecessor.

Edge 102 also arrived sans any big new addition.

Nevertheless, as the company announced, version 103 is now available for everyone to download. And it is a security centric update for the web browser, though alongside it arrived a host of gaming additions like Clarity Boost and Gaming Hub that clearly make it the best browser out there for gaming.

According to the company, there are 4 noteworthy new features present in this release, though again, these are not really for consumers.

The first of these is the ability to control automatic profile switching. Second is a client certificate switcher. Third being more reliable web defense. And lastly, there is the work search banner in the Edge address bar.

Also available, are 4 new policies in this build, related to guided switch, Internet Explorer mode zoom, live captions, and origin keyed agent clustering.

Of course, there are tons of new security features and patches, the details of which you can gather from the special blog that Microsoft maintains for this purpose. In simple words, you have a fair amount of tightening in this version of the browser, par for course.

So, these are the minor changes in Edge 103, to go with improved security and various bug fixes.

Microsoft Edge updates automatically, but you can force install version 103 by navigating through the Settings panel and initiating deployment of the latest release.

And if you’re on the lookout for new features, fret not, for Microsoft is hard at work developing several new ones like a built-in calculator, unit converter, and even a speed test in future versions of Edge that will land sometimes this summer.

A lot to look forward to, eh?