Samsung Smart TVs can run Xbox games without a console

Samsung TV Xbox

The future is already here! Microsoft, like several other gaming giants, had been working on a future without consoles. And now that future has finally become a reality.

A partnership with reliable partner Samsung has meant that select smart TVs from the Korean electronics giant will be able to take advantage of Xbox Cloud Gaming through the Xbox app. This will enable these televisions to stream cloud games without the need of a dedicated console box.

Essentially, this removes the console from the equation completely.

All you will need is a modern Samsung Smart TV, a controller, and a stable internet connection.

Oh, and of course, a valid subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that provides Xbox Cloud Gaming functionality to beam games straight from the cloud to compatible devices.

Speaking of compatible devices, while Samsung is the first company that Microsoft has entered into a partnership with, the software titan hints at further expansion through team ups with other TV manufacturer in due course.

Besides, Samsung and Microsoft have become really close recently when it comes to partnering up on technologies and services.

This functionality goes live on June 30, when the Xbox app makes its way out for the television lineup.

The Xbox app will be accessible from the Samsung Gaming Hub. You will need to sign into your Microsoft Account, and then either jump directly into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate if you are a subscriber, or sign up for $1 to immediately get access to over a hundred titles.

Of course, while this is an inspiring development, Microsoft wants to have all bases covered.

The company is working on Xbox Keystone, a console that will be dedicated to cloud streaming games from the service to whatever device they connect that console with. But while this upcoming console is designed to offer a traditional route, an experience without hardware is the future.

And that future is already here!