Windows 11 finally breaches 20% share on Steam


Slow and steady wins the race, most of the time at least. This seems to be the philosophy at play here for Windows 11, which has finally crossed the 20% market share mark over at Steam.

This, after being stuck at 19% in May and getting awfully close in June.

The operating system itself recently reached the coveted broad availability phase, which basically means that it is now available for all eligible devices. As a result, Windows 11 can now be installed on any computer that meets the updated system requirements.

So, it comes as no surprise that adoption of the OS is currently on the rise.

Steam Statistics June 2022

New statistics provided by Valve for its gaming platform shows that while Windows 10 continues to be the preferred choice for the vast majority of users, the latest and greatest Windows 11 is gaining a standing among gamers, as well.

It continues to grow, and increased 1.64% last month. That’s easily millions of new users, considering the fact that Steam has 120 million monthly active users.

On the whole, Windows 11 is now good for 21.23% of Windows computer where Steam is installed.

The 64-bit version of Windows 10, meanwhile, is powering no less than 71.26% of such devices. This data actually witnessed a drop of 2.63%. The reason being more and more of these users upgrading to Windows 11.

Overall, Windows has more than 96% to its name, with macOS being the runner-up with just 2.45%.

Things couldn’t be better!