Windows 11 is now ready for broad deployment

Using Windows 11

Today is a big day for Microsoft and its latest OS. The biggest milestone in the lifetime of an operating system, this side of launch that is, is when it is ready for broad deployment.

That is to say, when everyone can download and install it without any issues or problems.

Happy to report that Windows 11 just crossed this threshold.

According to the Windows Health Dashboard documentation, the latest and greatest version of Windows is now available for anyone to download and install via Windows Update. In other words, Microsoft now thinks that Windows 11 is now suitable for all users with qualifying hardware.

This milestone comes at a rather interesting time for Redmond, however, as it is gearing up to launch the first feature update for the operating system that is designed to fix many of the shortcomings of the initial release.

Importantly, despite making Windows 11 available for broad deployment, the software titan does not plan to impose it by force upgrading computers like it did back in 2015 with Windows 10.

Thankfully, those days are long gone!

The latest OS remains available as an optional upgrade for users, meaning they are free to stay on the previous version if they want. For the record, Windows 10 is due to receive three more years of active support, so there is plenty of time.

Then again, Microsoft may hold you off for upgrading in very rare cases where even if you have hardware that qualifies for Windows 11, a known issue or bug may prevent the upgrade.

As of this writing, there is only one upgrade block affecting computers with a specific Intel SST driver. For this reason, PCs running Windows 10 do not receive the offer to install Windows 11. But there is a way to bypass this.

Now that this newest version of Windows is ready for all, we may get to see more users deploying it on their systems.

According to the latest AdDuplex report, every fifth PC now runs Windows 11.

Expect this figure to continue its steady rise.