Edge slowly continues to take over the world


Seven years it took for Microsoft Edge to hit double figures. The nascent web browser hit the 10% market share milestone last month, solidifying its position as the second most popular such solution.

As in, the second most used desktop browser globally.

Things continued in this trajectory in May as well, with data showing that Edge managed to increase its share ever so slightly. But on the whole, the momentum is far too slow if Redmond wants to get within striking distance of Google Chrome, which has the heaviest of leads to its name.

Numbers provided by StatCounter reveal that Edge has a 10.12% slice of the pie as of this writing. That is to denote that it went up by 0.04 percentage points this past month.

StatCounter Browsers May 2022

Chrome, meanwhile, enjoys a market share to the tune of 66.1%, and this makes it unreachable for any competitor in the foreseeable future. Unless something drastic happens in the space, that is. For Google is in no mood to relent.

Apple is in third place, with Safari coming in with 9.16%, some 0.46 points lower than in April. Mozilla has to make do with Firefox being in fourth, with just around 7.66% of the user base using this alternative application.

Opera rounds up the top five desktop browsers, thanks to its 2.81%.

In fact, Opera and Edge were the only two web browsers that gained new users in May.

Interestingly, 1.68% of users still have no intention of leaving behind Internet Explorer, the vintage web browser that is now pretty much deceased. The much beloved IE is on its proverbial last legs, with Microsoft making all efforts to move these customers to Edge by offering a dedicated IE mode.

On the mobile side of things, Google Chrome also crushes the competition with 64.83%, with the mobile variant of Apple Safari comfortable in second place thanks to its 24.77% share.

Samsung Internet, Opera, and UC Browser collect the crumbs.