Microsoft Edge finally hits 10% market share

Microsoft Edge

Amazing what hard work and perseverance gets you these days! Microsoft Edge, a browser that started from humble beginnings, now finally has more than 10% of the desktop browser market share to its name.

It took a while, mind you.

And also required an engine change midway through the journey.

But all the big investments Microsoft is making along the way are now starting to pay off, as Edge has now solidified its position as a definite runner-up in the browser race. Despite the fact that it remains at a far distance behind the leader of the pack, Google Chrome.

The original Edge was a solid browser with a solid enough feature set with unique options, superior optimizations, touchscreen support, and good efficiency. However, it suffered when its proprietary rendering engine started causing all sorts of compatibility issues.

Due to this fact, the web browser struggled to gain traction and never made its past single-digit market share values.

Now, seven years since its introduction and more than two years since the 2019 switch to the Chromium engine, Edge is now finally making slow and steady progress. It crossed the coveted 10% market share mark in April 2022 according to the latest data from StatCounter.

StatCounter Browsers April 2022

Edge managed to gain 0.42% to reach this magical milestone, which although a far cry from Chrome and its massive 66.64%, is still enough to claim the second most popular browser title.

It has just pipped Safari, with the Apple exclusive browser being in third place, with a share of 9.61%. Good old Firefox is at fourth with 7.86% to its name.

That’s the desktop side of things.

But the mobile side of things offers no surprise, no major change. Chrome and Safari, together, hold almost 90% of the market, with other manufacturers making little to no progress in their standings for the month of April 2022.

For now, though, we rejoice and revel in this highly anticipated milestone for Edge.

Onto 20%, now!