Movies & TV app gets its ARM on

Movies and TV

The Windows on ARM train keeps chugging along! Microsoft has shown strong dedication in porting many of its app to this platform, and the Movies & TV app is the latest one to get this treatment.

This, in addition to third-party support for the budding platform, bodes well for Windows on ARM.

Microsoft talked about this new development in an announcement post detailing the other two inbox apps that recently got refreshed.

First of these is the Camera app for Windows 11 that received a new UI and features, while the second one is a niche addition to the Media Player that can now rip audio CDs.

Getting back to Movies & TV, we now have native ARM64 support, which mean users with devices powered by these types of processors will see faster and better performance when using the application.

Movies & TV App

By the same flip of the coin, Microsoft has moved local video playback to Media Player. These files will now open by default on bundled media player in the OS. This migration only impacts file types that are already associated with Movies & TV, and only after you open the app for the first time.

Makes sense, this change.

After all, Movies & TV is not exactly a media playback program. It only served this purpose while it was on duty until the new Media Player made its debut.

Version 10.22061 will get you the ticket to these new features and improvements, and this version is right now exclusive to users enrolled in the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program.

For testing and all that fun stuff, of course.