Edge set to get photo editing capabilities

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Can we say the B word now? Microsoft seems to have no problem adding what some may consider bloat to its browser. This year has been all about Edge getting new features left and right.

Many of them are welcome additions, though a few are on the extreme side of the spectrum.

You can add this new one to the latter column.

That’s because Microsoft seems to be testing a built-in photos editor in Edge that will let you edit photos right in the browser. And not just light editing, mind you. All the basic tools are available that you expect from a feature of this sorts.

News of this first surfaced in a Reddit thread, where Edge Canary was shown to allow editing a picture before saving it.

Right-clicking an image reveals the option to invoke the built-in editor that apparently has several features pulled form the Windows Photos app. Yes, the same application that got refreshed for Windows 11 not too long ago.

If this is not synergy, then I don’t know what is!

Anyway, you have all what you need to have fun with your images, including the ability to crop a picture, adjust various sliders to modify brightness and exposure, apply a range of filters, do a little spot fixing, even annotate with different tools.

This new image editor will be one of the many new options that Edge will now offer. Makes one wonder how Microsoft plans to manage the user interface of the browser with all these new additions. The company has promised to fix it, though we are yet to see signs of these changes.

But, in the meantime, if you want to see this new photo editing capabilities of the browser in action, you can do so by downloading the latest Canary build of Edge.

Do note that Microsoft rolls out fresh features in waves, so you might not get this right away.